Preview Gallery for "Imagedata Toolkit 3"

The images of this gallery were produced with the preview beta version of the "Imagedata Toolkit 3", which has been released on March 25, 2007. You can download it from here.

AutumnColors2: 3x3 despeckle / lithography   AutumnColors3: despeckle extended / smear with edges
AutumnColors4: despeckle extreme / lthography   AutumnColors-blended: 2 x despeckle 3x3 / combined with colored squares 50%/50%
AutumnColorsEnlarged: despeckle extreme / smear with edges / enlarge from 1/4   AutumnColors-shapes: despeckle 3x3 / shape distortions "oval" / lithography
Autumn-recolored: despeckle extended / replace color range (blue, red, green)   Autumn-squaredWithFrame: max dots / despeckle extended
HillyLandscape-Section: 2 x despeckle 3x3 / hybrid matrix 7x7 "smear with edges" / enlarge from 1/4 / despeckle extreme   LaqueredPattern
MunicipalLibrary: 2 x despeckle extreme   MunicipalLibrary-metamorphosis: jitter 16 / 2x despeckle extreme
RedSquareMoscow-distorted: shape distortions "mixed shapes" / smear with edges   RedSquareMoscow-recolored: 2 x "duplicate colors" / strong smear
StRemy-VanGogh'sGrove: 2 x despeckle 3x3 / lithography   VanGoghsGrove "NightScene": 2 x despeckle extreme / colorful lithography
VanGoghsGrove-selection1: 2 x despeckle 3x3 / enlarge from 1/4 / hybrid matrix 7x7/ 2 x despeckle extreme   VanGoghsGrove-selection2
VanGoghsGrove-selection3   VanGoghsGrove-selection4