Sample Applications

If not marked as "standalone", these sample stacks require either a player or one of the IDEs "Metacard" or "Revolution" (to page "Metacard/Revolution"). Various player applications are available from Revolution and Metacard users, as it is not difficult to create such an application. Revolution offers the "Dreamcard Player" for licensed users of the Dreamcard version of Revolution (because this version does not offer the possibility to create standalone applications).

The player offered below is just one of many possible solutions.

MC-Player (zip-file 883 K) Basic version of a player to open and save Metacard und Revolution files ("*.mc" und "*.rev") for offline use

Opens unpacked Metacard and Revolution files online - without browser assistance - and starts these files. Files can then be saved for offline use. Also downloads and starts directly standalones (exe-files on Windows) without a previous option dialog like with Internet Explorer on Windows XP.

Already set to five selected websites with their Metacard or Revolution stacks (RevNet, California; Metacard-Site, Colorado; Himalayan Academy, Hawaii; Tactile Media, California; FTP-Server Uni Kassel, Germany). Other web addresses can be used additionally.

It is possible - but of course not necessary - to start a browser from the client.

Without the above player you would have to use the authoring programs or IDEs

Metacard or Revolution:

Metacard Starter Kit 2.6.5 (MacOS) (sit-file 1.5 MB)  
Metacard-IDE (Windows) (zip-file 1422 K)  

A 30-days-trial version of Revolution is available at .

Applications developed with "Metacard" and "Revolution"

Thumbs and Slides 09 1.3 MB

A stack that displays JPG and PNG images from a chosen folder and displays it proportionally in 240x180 thumbs. Clicking on one of the thumbs switches to the slides page, on which the images can be displayed step-by-step or as a continuous slide show (June 2007). An updated version has been uploaded in April 2009, now also displaying PNG images and with more options to set the image size in slide show mode.

Seamless Tiles Generator 6 MB The stack runs on all platforms and needs the Metacard or Revolution IDE. On Mac OS X a Revolution engine from version 2.7 up is needed because of the restrictions as to image size and divisibility for backpatterns in earlier versions.
JPG and PNG images can be imported, some sample images are embedded. Segments of the basic image can be selected with a draggable graphic that can also be resized to select a specific portion of the image.

Three options for producing seamless tiles are available with 5 different widths of the transition area each: "Overlay mirrored", "Overlay stretched", and "Overlay cropped".

The produced tile can be tested immediately as a screen-size pattern.
The tile can be modified (before and after producing the "seamless" tile) in various ways: Proportional resizing, simplifying and changing colors, and 7 matrix filters (emboss, contours, lithography, relief etc.).
Finally the produced seamless tile can be exported as a PNG file for further use.

Seamless Tiles Generator 2 8 MB Version 2 (Sept. 2007) of the above stack with an improved and resizable selection graphic and added filters. Images of all sizes can be imported.
Image-Filter Demo 7.3 MB

This is a preview of the "Imagedata Toolkit" that adds the functionality to manipulate image and photo data. Otherwise the functions comprise many of the options of the "Colorpattern Toolkit". The included "external.dll" can only be used with Windows, but most of the algorithms works without a DLL.

Imagedata Toolkit 8 MB

Version 2 (December 2006) of the Imagedata Toolkit with more than 200 filters for images 640 x 480. Imported images will be resized to that format. Processed images can be saved in compressed imagedata format or as PNGs.

A fine tool for creative and artistic image manipulation. See examples on page "Imagedata Art"

Runs as a stack (it is not a standalone) in the Metacard and Revolution IDEs from engine version 2.5 and later, and on all platforms (Windows, MacOS,Linux). For Windows a special DLL is supplied (written by Derek Bump), which can be used with some of the matrix filters.

Imagedata Toolkit Preview 3 12 MB A preview (March 2007) of the coming version 3. Many added features, especially a number of despeckle-median, distortion, and improved 3X3 matrix filters - capable of producing painting-like images of various styles. (see "Preview Gallery 3")
Pattern Toolkit (Win) 3.6 MB

The Windows and "standalone" version of the "Colorpattern Toolkit". See page "Pattern Art" for more details and examples. The Toolkit is started with "ColorpatternToolkitIntro.exe"

The stack contains about 200 different functions and algorithms to create basic color patterns and to transform them into various secondary and tertiary patterns by means of different kinds of overlays, shifting, rotating, creating multi-directional color transitions (gradients), using vertical and horizontal flips and (partial) mirrors etc.. About 20 functions have been added in version 2.0, among them various options for improved color variation, diagonal mirrors and overlays, added picture frames, and a function "refractions" superimposing sequences of decreased-size instances of an image etc. (See "Pattern Art Three" for some of the results).

Pattern Toolkit (Mac) 2.6 MB The MacOS version of the "Colorpattern Toolkit"; also a "standalone" version. See page "Pattern Art" for more details and examples.
Slideshow FGZ 1.7 MB

"Slideshow-FGZ" has been added as a separate stack to the "Colorpattern Toolkit" (see above) to provide the possibility of viewing compressed HTMLtext files outside the Toolkit when this option of saving images had been chosen; the other options are saving the images as JPG and PNG files, which could be viewed with any kind of image viewers including stack Slideshow Light (see below in this list).

The Zip-file "Slideshow-FGZ" contains about 50 examples of fgz-files, which can be used with the "Colorpattern Toolkit" for further experimenting.

Magic Triangle 93 KB A problem-oriented numbers' game following principles of progressive education; see information in the stack.
Memory Span 72 KB Tests - and maybe trains - your short-term memory. Numeric and alpha-numeric strings are displayed for a duration than can be set between 100 milliseconds and 2 seconds. The lengths of the strings adapt to the capacity of your memory. Six different modi using fill-in and multiple-choice.
Picture Puzzle 526 KB Picture puzzle 4x4. Working on the puzzle can be interrupted by looking at the original picture for help and returning after that to the state of completion reached before.
Image and Words 237 KB Learning words through pictures in five different versions: Wordshow, Move and Click, Test and Learn, Test with Loop, Final Test. Basic part of the stack is an image with polygon overlays corresponding to the outlines of objects. Mode "Test with Loop" is an example for an instructional programs that allows the repetition of unsolved problems.
Holiday Memory 2.6 MB Memory game with images from the river Danube (Austria). When two matching tiles have been found, an enlarged picture appears to better contemplate the beautiful scenery. If used outside folder "memory", for proper display of the enlarged images file "" and subfolder "mem-Bilder" must be put into the same directory.
AutoMath 10 KB Contains a numbers' memory with an infinite number of problems that are automatically generated.
Word Scramble 11 KB A simple "word-scramble" exercise with various forms of learner support and the possibility to edit the "lexicon".
Concordance 9 KB Concordance program: Searches for words or parts of words in opened text files (txt, rtf etc.). Found words are listed and colorized in their immediate context of several words before and after. Number of words founds are counted. With click on a line in the "found" field the user can scroll to the full context of the searchstring in another field. (A number of improvements are scheduled, but the stack as it is may already serve quite a number of purposes and can be modified by interested users.)
Animals 332 KB Drag-and-drop exercise with animal pictures and translations of the corresponding names.
Slideshow Light 82 KB Slide show allowing JPG-, GIF-, PNG- and BMP-images. Preview and re-ordering possible. Different display sizes can be set. Zoom function; adjusting of display duration during show.
Trigonometrie 18 KB sample program - draws sinus-, cosinus- und tangens-functions (Author: Prof. Dr. Fingerle, Kassel)
Towers of Hanoi 7 KB programmed solution of "Towers of Hanoi" (ported from Hypercard to Metacard by Prof. Fingerle)