Tools and Samples for Development

Tools (zipped)

RevBrowser 57 KB

for "Revolution" only: The small, convenient, and fast alternative to Rev's "Application Browser" and "Object Browser". Includes a fast script searching tool that lists all found scripts lines - with the searchstring colored - along with the addresses of the objects. Clicking on the object address lets you edit the respective script.

Stack is from 2001 and needs to be updated - there are some bugs - and because it is not yet able to access and edit "unplaced" groups - which you also cannot do with the above-mentioned Rev-IDE tools.

MC-Browser 17 KB The Metacard version of the above "RevBrowser". It is basically an enhanced and refined Metacard "Control Browser" with an added fast-search function that lets you search all scripts of a stack. The search tool lists all found scripts lines - with the searchstring colored - along with the addresses of the objects. Clicking on the object address enables you to edit the respective script. (Stack is from 2001, may have some bugs, and especially is unable to deal with "unplaced" groups).
TopSearch 14 KB Tool to search all visible and invisible fields of the current topstack. Lists all addresses of fields found with the searchstring and the lines containing the string. Clicking on the address opens the complete field. - Useful also to search the "Metatalk Dictionary" (see the entry below). The Revolution Help Documentation can be searched up to version 2.2 of Revolution. For later versions of Rev - 2.5.1 and higher - you must use stack "SearchDocs XML" (see farther down)
SearchDocs XML 700 KB Special search stack for the Revolution XML Help files, version 2.4. See more information and screenshots on page "Screenshots" (last updated April 6, 2005)
SearchDocs XML 2.6 700 KB updated version for Revolution version 2.6 (engine build number 108, June 2005). See page "Screenshots"
SearchDocs XML 2.6.1 700 KB updated version for Revolution version 2.6.1 (October 2005). See page "Screenshots"
Metatalk Dictionary 1.3 MB Adaptation of the "Transcript Dictionary" in Revolution for use in the Metacard IDE containing definitions of the script language terms, information, and script examples ("Transcript" und "Metatalk" are almost identical; compare page "Metacard und Revolution"); Author: Richard Gaskin, "Fourth World Media Corporation" ; added filters: Wilhelm Sanke

Sample stacks illustrating features of Metacard and Revolution (zipped)

Seminar01 223 KB Clicktext, clickline, exercises with chunks (char, word, token, item, line, field), development of vocabulary trainer in three steps, dragging fields, intersect, dragging images, drag-and-drop learning exercise
Multiple-Choice Tutorial 290 KB This stacks contains 7 different formats of multiple-choice questions, arranged in "incremental" steps from a primitive version with fixed positions of solution and distractors (which should be avoided by all means) to a version with flexible positioning with the option to choose the number of problems from a repertoire and a "loop" for unsolved problems. After all problems have been worked on, the user gets the option to try the "wrong" problems once more etc. Thus the programs adapts to the individual needs of the user.
Word Scramble 11 KB A simple "word-scramble" exercise with various forms of learner support and the possibility to edit the "lexicon". - Shows use of the "offset" function, "returninfield" and "rawkey" handlers, and the "selectedchunk" function, the last one to determine the place of the insertion point in an input field.
Grafik Buttons 593 KB Examples for buttons whose shapes and surface are set by imported images. Scripting examples for these buttons.
WindowShape 113 KB The shape of this sample stack is determined by a transparent PNG-image using the "windowshape" property. A substack - accessible via the "I"-icon- gives information how to proceed. The stack can be dragged on the screen with pressed mousebutton; the necessary script is contained in the image.
Icons und Backpatterns 111 KB Animation with Icons, basic use of "repeat" structure, backpatterns with icons etc.
Hypertext-Annotations 7 KB Two versions of "annotations" using "linkclicked" or "clicktext". Clicking on words set to "bold" or "link" will display an "annotation" field near the word containing additional information (translation, definition etc.). The annotated words are defined in a glossary field.
Visual effects 310 KB Various transition effects when switching between text fields and images - useful for flash cards etc.
Ask- und Answerdialoge 4 KB Use of answer- and ask-dialogs in different ways along with their scripts.

Customized Modal Dialogs

4 KB Examples for customized answer-, ask-, and other dialogs which make use of the "dialogdata" property and custom properties to pass feedback to the calling stack. The example stack contains six modal dialogs as substacks that can be modified.
Place Dialogs 10 KB

For Metacard and Revolution (for the latter only up to version 2.6)

Modified answer- and ask-dialogs that can be placed at any location on the screen or relative to a stack. The sample stack contains English and German information how to proceed with the new custom property "NewLoc" or to modify the dialogs in your own Metacard or Revolution IDE. The modified dialogs are contained both as substacks of the sample stack and in a separate folder (to be added to other stacks). Revolution users should definitely try these dialogs instead of the dialogs provided in the Rev IDE - they are not oversized and do not extend beyond the screen (as they used to be prior to version 2.5 of Revolution and sometimes still are (compare the "save" dialog when you exit Revolution)).

Place Dialogs Rev 10 KB New version of the modified answer- and ask dialogs for Revolution versions 2.7.x along with an updated sample stack. See description above.
Transparent Dialogs 180 KB

Again - like above - modified "ask" and "answer dialogs", which can be used with the "answer" and "ask" commands. They are semi-transparent, i.e. they show the underlying area of the screen or stack. The textsize is preset to 14 and the textfont to "verdana", a font both available on the Mac and Windows platforms.

Drawers 278 KB Demonstrates the use of "drawers" without using the new "drawer" command introduced in Revolution 2.1.2. Therefore these forms of drawers can be implemented also with older versions of Metacard and Revolution and on any platform. Drawers can slide out and back at any point of the rectangle of the main stack and even in diagonal directions.
Pulldown Menüs    
Farben, Rahmen, Scrollbars 64 KB Useful and not so useful stuff in stack "Farbspiele"; setting of object, card, and backdrop colors using scrollbars and groups of radio buttons; simple animations; color mosaic with random colors.
Dragging with Listfields 72 KB Six sample stacks to show how to drag words and textlines: between list fields, within list fields, and between list and text fields. Different routines are used. Two of the examples are modified stacks of Scott Rossi from "Tactile Media".



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